Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boxes, Babies, Blogs and Belly Butter

A few fun updates on how it's going around Funktion headquarters (i.e.-our storage room). ;)

Boxes:  This week the rest of our production shipment arrived!!!  To our garage!  Wow, when I say a lot of boxes, I mean, the garage is full, they are all fully shrink wrapped and someone needs to unload them all and move them to the storage unit.  Hmmm, where is my wand? Cabana boy? Did I mention we wanted to "touch and feel" the first order, so each box needs to be opened for adjustments, tweaks and tissue paper.  I am sure I will whip through all 750 in an hour or so, after my morning coffee.

Babies:  Yes, you might recall that I am now on the 5 week, 5 day and hopefully not 5 minute more countdown to baby boy.  You might also recall that we have a 4 month old puppy, Lulu and a 2 year old daughter, Taylor.  Yes, they were all there to so graciously and effortlessly help me with the receiving of above said boxes. :)

Blogs:  We are working hard with some favorite blogging mommies to spread the word and be part of some great Holiday giveaways!  Look for postings on 7 or so different blogs with various freebies!

Belly Butter:  All this chaos above has definitely spurred a need for more belly butter, because we just can't be getting stretch marks on top of all this fun, now can we?

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