Tuesday, November 1, 2011

She's one HOT MOMMA!!!

Today was our very first Blog review!  From Simple Mom Reviews!

Now, I don't know if you have ever had anyone review you or anything you have created before, but it is slightly terrifying.  The emotions go something like the below thoughts (in bullet form, of course, because given by type A personality, my whole brain funktions :) in bullet form....

- get email that we will be reviewed tomorrow
- can't sleep as the panic sets in that this cute woman I don't know is about to tell the world exactly what she thinks of us
- wake up to Dday
- does she love me or love me not?
- will I cry if she loves me not?
- see the first retweet come through my Twitter feed- turns out we are live
- oh geez... what now?
- I click with a twinge of fear and excitement
- she loves us!!!
- the relief sets in and the review is better than I expected!  YEAH!!!
- punish myself because I KNOW WE ROCK!!!  I shouldn't have doubted, but hey, it's personal
- She is feeling like one HOT MOMMA!

This is pretty much how my brain path went down- just in case you were curious. :)

Here is the blog post below!  Enjoy AND sign up to win some free product!

funktion :: ditch your diaper bag {giveaway}

When it comes to being fashionable, I kind of assumed that was out the window when it came to baby paraphernalia.  But man oh MAN was I wrong! All I have to say is Funktion.  Yup, Funktion.
These are some HOT MAMA products let me tell you!  I feel like a super star when I am out toting these around.
I am proud to introduce Mommassentials by Funktion!
When I became a mom, I bought a few diaper bags
but couldn’t find anything I liked as much as my handbag.
I switched back, only to find my baby bits (bottle holder, diaper pad, etc.)
were too babyish to keep up with my stylish bag.
That is why I started Funktion.
Now moms can turn any bag into a diaper bag.
How sweet is that! The products I reviewed were just awesome. I received theMamassentials Set and it was everything and anything that I needed.  Check out the last picture above – that is exactly what my purse now looks like.  My purse is still trendy AND cool, yet I have all my baby essentials now toting around with me.  Win-Win!
It’s been really great because I have just grabbed a couple of these items here and there when running out.  Sometimes you just don’t want to grab the whole diaper bag, so these essentials are right up your alley.
And these items aren’t like the kind that you can just pick up at any baby store.  They are higher quality and I believe they are certainly going to last longer!
Mamassentials Set :: $199.00
Mamassentials Mini Set :: $109.00
Bottle Holder :: $39.00
Changing Pad :: $39.00
Clutch :: $49.00
Cosmetic Case :: $39.00
Grab Bag :: $29.00
Paci Purse :: $24.00
Wipes Case :: $29.00
Any order placed will receive 25% off when you enter “simplemomreviews” at checkout!

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